iris photography

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a few example shots...

Der neue 4er Clash

creating art from your eye

1. Take a good picture

"please hold still and keep your eye all the way open!"... and look straight ahead into the camera lens.

2. prof. post-prossesing

When we have taken the perfect shop we will begin our multi-step post processing. Good results need time.

3. Download & Order

Your finished iris picture will be uploaded to secure online gallery. There you can download it or select from printing options.

4. Print & Shipping

We will order your selected artwork and have it shipped directly to you. This normally takes about one week.

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About us...

Our team of photographers are not the typical ‘studio photographers’.  We prefer to work outside under the open sky and at modern and trendy locations. For us, it’s all about giving our clients those great shots – after all,  that’s they come to us. We prefer to work without time pressure – our shootings are always relaxed. For you as well as for our team.

Our Principle: QUALITY and EXPERIENCE instead of discount 

We are a full-service photography provider. Our customers are the focus of our efforts. We need the  ‘perfect shot’ and don’t mind taking several pictures on the way to get to that one perfect one.

Other competitors, that offer iris photography and advertise that the photo shoot takes less than one minute can’t offer the service or the picture quality that we provide.

We use a unique process comprised of many individual steps to enhance the images during post-processing to make sure that your finished iris pictures turn out perfect.

We are working together with two great photo labs in Germany, that will take care of printing and shipping your artwork to you. Our artwork and fine art prints all meet our high standards and are truly “Made in Germany”.

Our Services

We are passionate about photography and are looking forward to creating some great new shots.

All photos are included included as a digital copy. No further purchase is necessary.

In case you are looking to get your iris photo printed, we are happy to accept your print order through our online gallery.

On the following pages you can browse some creative examples of our work.


1 digital photo of your iris
  • personalized service
  • Pro Equipment with 61MP
  • including complex post-processing
  • 1 Photo - Digital JPG
  • personal Online-Gallery


for couples & friends | 2x 1 digital photo of your iris ​
  • personalized service
  • Pro Equipment with 61MP
  • incl. complex post-processing
  • 2 Photos - Digital JPG
  • personal Online-Gallery

*All prices include the German VAT / Sales Tax of 19%.

You are looking to get your iris photo printed as well? let us inspire you!

You have already received your Iris Picture?

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