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FAQ - Frequent Qeustions

We have tried to summarize all frequently asked questions on this page. In case we missed something that you are interested in, but can’t find on our site just give us a call or write us an email.

Eine Blaue Iris im Wohnzimmer
Iris Komposition mit 3 Iriden

Of course – but we do need some patience and perseverance in order to get that one perfect shot.  
We love to work together with kids, but the need to be able to understand and follow our guidance (i.e. . “and now please hold really still and look straight into the camera!” either in German or English.

No, this is nothing like a visit to the dentist or eye doctor.

All you need to do is to keep your head and eye as still as possible. It’s our job, to find the perfect picture.

The camera will be quite close to your face / eye though – just to make sure that your eye has a prominent position in the photo that we take to create your iris shot. Often, we will also need your help to keep your eye open all the way, so that all areas of your iris are visible and not hidden behind your eyelids.

Normally we manage to get a good shot within the first 3-5 images that we capture. Dark eyes can be a bit tricky sometimes.

Not long at all! Normally we manage to get a good shot within the first 3-5 images that we capture. Dark eyes can be a bit tricky sometimes so we may need to take more pictures to get that one good one. 

To be on the safe side, you should plan on roughly 20 mins per eye. Then we can all be more relaxed and not work under time pressure.

Glasses are easy – please take them off before we take the pictures.

For contact lenses, we recommend that you take them out prior to the photo shoot for these two reasons:
– we are shooting with a close range, super high detail lens and many contact lenses have a logo or colorful markings that aren’t visible to the naked eye but will appear on the taken image.
– Further, contact lenses make it much more difficult to get a good image that is in focus.

You can arrange an appointment for your iris photo directly through our website. Follow the Book Now button to our Outlook booking tool.

Book Now

We also accept booking requests over email, phone and WhatApp. See our Contact Us page for more details.

After the photo shoot we will send you a link to your secure online gallery.
There you can download your high resolution images as well as order prints or wall art for your home.

We currently offer three studios for iris photography:

Nürnberg Old Town, Schwalbach / Taunus as well as Essen, Altenessen.

Normally we don’t have many walk-in customers. Just to make sure that we have enough time for you, it would be good to book an appointment in advance.

We have two standard offers: a SINGLE for one iris and a DUO package for two iris photos.

For larger families we have special deals – starting with the third person / third iris, each additional iris photo is only € 30,-.

Please indicate the number of persons coming for an iris photo when you are making the booking through our Facebook page.

Or just contact us directly through the contact form, email, phone or WhatsApp.

Of course!

We can create one couples or family image out of as many iris photos as required. This merged photo however is not included in the standard price and will be invoiced separately.

The easiest and most comfortable payment methods are contactless by EC or Credit Card.  
We also accept cash, but may not be able to change large bills.

Additionally we also offer an installment payment plan on orders over 300€.