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Our Masterpieces

A selection of our work

your iris is unique. even more so than your fingerprint.

iris fotografie frankfurt is a brand brought to you by Foto Hirsch – a photographer  from the Frankfurt / Taunus area. 

On this page you will see a selection of our best iris photos so far. 

Your eye is amazing as well? We would be honored to take your photograph and to add it to our gallery.

Iris Clash 3p Man with dog | iris-fotografie-by-fotohirsch
Iris Clash Deluxe 3P Blue Eyes | iris-fotografie-by-fotohirsch
A close-up photograph of a light brown iris with dark brown spots. The iris is in sharp focus, and the intricate patterns and textures are clearly visible.
6erClash | Iris Fotografie by Foto Hirsch

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