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iris photography

The premium photographer for iris photography in Essen, Nürnberg and Oberursel (Taunus)!

iris photography

take a look at our short intro video to iris photography to get a quick glimpse of what awaits you.. sorry – it’s only available in German.

the Foto Hirsch team is looking forward to shooting with you!

Foto Hirsch stands for...


Unser Herz schlägt für Fotografie und rundum zufriedene Kunden. 


Bei Foto Hirsch hast Du jederzeit einen Ansprechpartner – im Studio vor Ort und per Telefon / E-Mail. Alle Wünsche werden persönlich beim Shooting besprochen.


Wir sind Profis und nutzen unsere Erfahrung sowie das beste Equiptment, um Dir überragende Ergebnisse zu liefern. Unsere Bilder sprechen für sich!


Foto Hirsch macht Iris Fotografie zum besonderen Erlebnis für die ganze Familie. Shooting, Service und Bilder werden den höchsten Ansprüchen gerecht.


Wir lieben Details! Daher shooten wir mit 61 MP – häufig 2x so viel wie unsere Mitbewerber. In der Nachbearbeitung wird aus Deiner Iris ein echtes Meisterstück.


Unsere Preise sind transparent für jedermann einsehbar und,  Bezogen auf unsere Premium-Leistungen und die Qualität der Produkte, absolut fair.  


 Als kleines Dankeschön für Deine Google-Bewertung pflanzen wir einen Baum. Wir arbeiten in allen Studios digital – Deine Rechnung kommt papierlos per E-Mail.

The Voice of Our customers

Kathy Rivas
Kathy Rivas
It was easy and came out amazing. Love it and excited to hang it up in my house.
Cos mos
Cos mos
Wunderschöne Bilder unserer Augen, sogar bei unserem Sehbehinderten mit Nystagmus hat Foto Hirsch sich Zeit genommen und ein tolles Foto gezaubert 🙏🏼👍🏼
Tim Tremel
Tim Tremel
Ich habe meiner Freundin einen Gutschein für ein Iris Shooting geschenkt. Die Ausstellung des Gutscheins war sehr unkompliziert und ging super schnell. Als wir das Shooting dann gemacht haben, hat sich Robert viel Zeit für uns genommen und uns top beraten. Die bearbeiteten Bilder haben wir schneller erhalten als gedacht (schon nach einer Woche nach dem Shooting) Wir waren sehr begeistert von dem Ergebnis.
Simon Strauch
Simon Strauch
Wir waren Ende August hier und haben ein Bild zum Jahrestag anfertigen lassen. Er war sehr professionell und auch ziemlich schnell mit den Fotos fertig. Die Beratung war wirklich perfekt. Man hat sehr viele verschiedene Optionen das Bild drucken zu lassen. Preislich ist er auch in Ordnung, nur der Druck kostete etwas mehr als erwartet. Dafür ist das Ergebnis aber auch einwandfrei. Zwischenzeitlich waren wir auch im Urlaub und es wurde alles so gemanaged das das Bild erst ankommt wenn wir wieder da sind. Wir können es aufjedenfall weiterempfehlen!!!
Franziska Pfleghardt
Franziska Pfleghardt
Es war rundum alles top organisiert und mit viel Geduld und Ruhe wurden die Fotos erstellt. Danach schnell und zuverlässig bearbeitet und die Wunschkonstelation erstellt. Absolut entgegenkommend und Hilfsbereit bei Änderungswünschen. Es war ein tolles Erlebnis mit einem spektakulären Ergebniss. Vielen Dank – Familie Pfleghardt.

creating art from your eye

Iris Fotografie am Anfang

1. take a good picture

Everything begins with the picture we take. The shot must be perfect because final result depends on the initial image quality! Perspactive / Angle, lighting,  focus and reflections all need to be accounted for.

This is a bit complicated, as the model being photogtraphed – your iris – is constantly in movement. Even if you are trying your best to remail still like a stone.

As soon as we get that perfect shot, we are done and can proceed.

On to step 2… 

Mike Stuart

2. professional Post-Processing

Once the picture is captured and you are already on the way back home our second job begins. Post Processing. Our job gets so much more difficult as not all  images are as perfect as this one.

In our own proprietary multi-step process, we will professionally enhance each taken image to make sure that all details of your iris are visible. We use a combination of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to make these adjustments.

When seen in this level of detail, your eye often reveals many hidden features that you have never spotted before while looking into a mirror.

On to step 3…

Iris Fotografie in Lightroom
Deine persönliche Iris Gallerie

3. Download & Order

As soon as your iris photo has finished processing we will upload it to a secure online gallery. Only you will have access, which we will send you be email.

From the online gallery, you can download the image, share it directly on social media as well as order fine art prints and artwork to hang up at home. Our professional lab „made in Germany“ pritns on Acryl, Aluminium-Composite, Aluminium, Photo-Canvas or PVC Board.
After you order directly through your gallery we will transmit the order to our photo lab.

On to step 4…


Mike Stuart

4. Print & Shipping

After receiving your custom order, we will relay it to the photo lab. We will send you an invoice for the custom work*, and after receiving payment your piece of artwork will be manufactured.

After completion, it will be sent directly to your home. Normally, this takes about one week after receiving the payment.

During the initial photo shoot you can see and touch all available print  materials. We are happy to help you with the selection.

*Please Note: Custom orders are final and can’t be refunded or returned.

Eine goldene Iris im Wohnzimmer

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a few example shots...

About us...

Our team of photographers are not the typical ’studio photographers‘.  We prefer to work outside under the open sky and at modern and trendy locations. For us, it’s all about giving our clients those great shots – after all,  that’s they come to us. We prefer to work without time pressure – our shootings are always relaxed. For you as well as for our team.

Our Principle: QUALITY and EXPERIENCE instead of discount 

We are a full-service photography provider. Our customers are the focus of our efforts. We need the  ‚perfect shot‘ and don’t mind taking several pictures on the way to get to that one perfect one.

Other competitors, that offer iris photography and advertise that the photo shoot takes less than one minute can’t offer the service or the picture quality that we provide.

We use a unique process comprised of many individual steps to enhance the images during post-processing to make sure that your finished iris pictures turn out perfect.

We are working together with two great photo labs in Germany, that will take care of printing and shipping your artwork to you. Our artwork and fine art prints all meet our high standards and are truly „Made in Germany“.

Our Iris Photo Shoots

We are passionate about photography and are looking forward to creating some great new shots.

All photos are included included as a digital copy. No further purchase is required.

In case you are looking to get your iris photo printed, we are happy to accept your print order through our online gallery or directly in the studio during the photo shoot.

On the following pages you can browse some creative examples of our work.


1 digital picture per eye
from 49,-
  • personalized service
  • professional Hi-Resolution Cameras
  • incl. professional imge editing
  • 1 picture per eye - Digital as JPG
  • 1 Print per eye - in 20x20cm
  • secure and personal gallery
  • experienced photographer
  • SINGLE - ONE Eye - €49,-
  • DUO - TWO Eyes - €89,-
  • TRE - THREE Eyes - €119,-
  • QUAD - FOUR Eyes - €149,-
  • additional Eye - €30,-

Studio Premium

1 digital picuure + 1 print per eye
from 79,-
  • personalized service
  • professional Hi-Resolution Cameras
  • incl. professional imge editing
  • 1 picture per eye - Digital as JPG
  • 1 Print per eye - in 20x20cm
  • secure and personal gallery
  • Photo Shoot with most experienced photographer
  • SINGLE - ONE Eye - €79,-
  • DUO - TWO Eyes - €129,-
  • TRE - THREE Eyes - €159,-
  • QUAD - FOUR Eyes - €189,-
  • additional Eye - €35,-

*All prices include the German VAT / Sales Tax of 19%.

You are looking to get your iris photo printed as well? let us inspire you!

FAQ - Frequently Asked questions

Of course – but we do need some patience and perseverance in order to get that one perfect shot.  
We love to work together with kids, but the need to be able to understand and follow our guidance (i.e. . “and now please hold really still and look straight into the camera!” either in German or English.

No, this is nothing like a visit to the dentist or eye doctor.

All you need to do is to keep your head and eye as still as possible. It’s our job, to find the perfect picture.

The camera will be quite close to your face / eye though – just to make sure that your eye has a prominent position in the photo that we take to create your iris shot. Often, we will also need your help to keep your eye open all the way, so that all areas of your iris are visible and not hidden behind your eyelids.

Normally we manage to get a good shot within the first 3-5 images that we capture. Dark eyes can be a bit tricky sometimes.

Not long at all! Normally we manage to get a good shot within the first 3-5 images that we capture. Dark eyes can be a bit tricky sometimes so we may need to take more pictures to get that one good one. 

To be on the safe side, you should plan on roughly 20 mins per eye. Then we can all be more relaxed and not work under time pressure.

Glasses are easy – please take them off before we take the pictures.

For contact lenses, we recommend that you take them out prior to the photo shoot for these two reasons:
– we are shooting with a close range, super high detail lens and many contact lenses have a logo or colorful markings that aren’t visible to the naked eye but will appear on the taken image.
– Further, contact lenses make it much more difficult to get a good image that is in focus.

You can arrange an appointment for your iris photo directly through our website. Follow the Book Now button to our Outlook booking tool.

Book Now

We also accept booking requests over email, phone and WhatApp. See our Contact Us page for more details.

After the photo shoot we will send you a link to your secure online gallery.
There you can download your high resolution images as well as order prints or wall art for your home.

We currently offer three studios for iris photography:

Nürnberg Old Town, Schwalbach / Taunus as well as Essen, Altenessen.

Normally we don’t have many walk-in customers. Just to make sure that we have enough time for you, it would be good to book an appointment in advance.

We have two standard offers: a SINGLE for one iris and a DUO package for two iris photos.

For larger families we have special deals – starting with the third person / third iris, each additional iris photo is only € 30,-.

Please indicate the number of persons coming for an iris photo when you are making the booking through our Facebook page.

Or just contact us directly through the contact form, email, phone or WhatsApp.

Of course!

We can create one couples or family image out of as many iris photos as required. This merged photo however is not included in the standard price and will be invoiced separately.

The easiest and most comfortable payment methods are contactless by EC or Credit Card.  
We also accept cash, but may not be able to change large bills.

Additionally we also offer an installment payment plan on orders over 300€.