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wall art - overview of materials

Iris Verschmelzung im Wohnzimmer

Your iris is a special part of you and as such deserves to be shown in a prominent position on the the best materials in your home. Together with our trusted photo lab, we are happy to offer you 12 different print materials to turn your iris picture into amazing wall art.

Prints on acryl glass as well as aluminium-Dibond composite are the top sellers.

This page is intended to highlight the differences between the different materials and help you make your choice.

Not all material types are equally suited for indoor, wet room (bath) or outdoor use. For the latter, we recommend selecting between the last 4 types on this page as they are weather resistant.

for indoor use

Your iris on acryl glass

1) Acrylglass Gallery Glossy

3) Acryl glass Ultra-HD

Eine Blaue Iris im Wohnzimmer
Iris Komposition mit 3 Iriden
Iris Komposition mit 4 Iriden
Iris Komposition mit 5 Iriden

2) Acrylglass Gallery Matt

4) Acryl glass Metallic Ultra-HD

Your iris on photo-canvas

5) canvas glossy

Iris Komposition mit 3 Iriden

6) canvas Matt

Your iris on Aluminium-Composite

7) Alu-Dibond Gallery

Iris Komposition mit 3 Iriden

8) Alu-Dibond Ultra-HD

All products are available in many different formats. Our list shows the prices for the most common formats.

for outdoor or bath use

9) Alu-Dibond - classic

11) HD Metal Print

Iris Wandbild im Badezimmer

10) ALU-DIBOND brushed

12) Forex PVC Board

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